Winter is Here

It is snowing and the view from our house is changing. With bare trees all around, we have discovered more of the area and seen houses we had previously only glimpsed. The white snow layer brightens up the scenery and we have had days with amazing light, just after a snowfall. Here is one of those days – first day of snow, actually – the photograph is taken from our terrace.

With a few weeks to Christmas, we hope the snow will stay and prepare us for the festivities as well as skiing. I and most children I know, are waiting for some serious snow covering everything in white, like a layer of icing sugar!

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6 Responses to Winter is Here

  1. LuisaM says:

    The magic of winter.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Beautiful photo! I love the light.

  3. Tracy A. says:

    Such a lovely photo! No snow here – not that I want a storm, but I love a little snow around Christmas.

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