Mohair Poncho Jacket by Irene Welde Solsvik

I was gobsmacked by Irene’s stunning Mohair Poncho Jacket, instead of sewing up the front as I had suggested she left it open and sewed a slightly longer seam at the back to hold it in place! Irene chose the Norwegian yarn Iris Alpakka in a classic black shade by Rauma (74% suri alpaca, 22% wool and 4% nylon, 50 g balls of 130 m), more here: raumaull. I love her styling and how gorgeous it looks on her! Thank you, Irene!

The pattern is from my knitting book, “To rett en vrang. Designstrikk” available in Norwegian and in Finnish but also available as a single pattern with wristwarmers, only in English as a pdf download from ravelry. Below is another beautiful model, dancer Cristiane Sá, photographed by Kim Müller. If you knit it or any of my other designs, I will be honored to show them here on my blog!

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16 Responses to Mohair Poncho Jacket by Irene Welde Solsvik

  1. Janieb says:

    It is such a stylish design.

  2. LuisaM says:

    It looks gorgeous!

  3. Tracy A. says:

    How wonderful! And I love when someone can take the creative design of another, and make it their won.

  4. It’s often difficult to make a poncho look elegant, but your poncho does it!

  5. Nina says:

    A really nice poncho/jacket! And cool pictures, a lot of energy! I agree, I love the styling!

  6. Chanie says:

    I would like to by the recipe of mohair poncho like the one the dancer Christiane Sá is wearing. But how? Can I download it as a pdf file?
    // Channie – Denmark

  7. Hello Leya, this poncho is knitted and not crocheted. You will find the pattern in English on Ravelry and on Love Knitting. Thank you for your interest! xo
    Here are the links:

  8. Je serais tres contente d acheter le poncho en mohair de madame muller mais pour commender serait il possible d ecrire en francais car je ne lis ni ecris en anglais merci d avance M Robquin

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