Japanese Lace Jacket by Johanna Pyy

I am thrilled to show you the marvelous Japanese Lace Jacket, knitted in Bamboo by Novita in a fitting vintage pink by Johanna Pyy! It was the reason for Johanna buying “Nyt Neulomann!” (read: my book title in Finnish which translates to: Time to Knit!) and has made her own version of it by modifying the pattern to fit her perfectly: Added length, added 1/2 pattern repeat on each side and continued in chart after the armholes, made a deeper neckline and replaced the neck band with an I-cord edge around the neck, see the gorgeous back below and more detailed photos on Johanna’s blog: silmukkasatuja (read: loop fairytales). Thank you, Johanna!

The book sample was knitted in the lovely cotton and alpaca mixture called Amoretto by Thomas Kvist Yarns, now unfortunately discontinued. It can be replaced with for example Lerke, a cotton and wool mixture by Dale Garn or Luxor, a pure cotton by Hifa, see ull. This beautiful Japanese Lace pattern, I discovered in a stich manual. I have designed a vintage jacket in cream colored Amoretto, a lovely yarn mixture which emphasizes the delicate lace pattern. Knitted in a A-shape framed with pattern borders to avoid decreasing into the chart, or modify it to do just that, as Johanna did! Below is the stunning Francesca Golfetto, photographed by Kim Müller for my book available only in Norwegian and Finnish. So far, that is…

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4 Responses to Japanese Lace Jacket by Johanna Pyy

  1. Anna says:

    It is always intriguing to see how the same pattern gets different interpretations. This knit is a nice example thereof.

    • Yes, I agree! I do enjoy knitters making modifications to make them perfect for them and inspire others to do the same! Hence making it their own version! Thank you, Anna!

  2. Ruth says:

    What a stunning design and gorgeous reinterpretation! I really must check out those Japanese stitch dictionaries . . .

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