Familiens Strikkebok Photoshoot: Curvy Check Cowl and Wrist Warmers

BQ5Q6332Which color do I want for a cowl and wrist warmers, I asked myself a few months back. The answer came instantly: Orange since it is so lovely together with black and other dark colors as well as giving a boost of energy on dark winter days. The new shade Tissington in Rowan Fine Tweed was just like a magnet pulling me in, and held together with melange Orange Ask from Hifa with its magnificent luster, I had made my ideal orange tweed. A 4 mm/US 6 needle was perfect and resulted in a dense Worsted/Aran gauge of 18 stitches and 26 rounds. A simple pattern would show off the tweed, so I choose the Curvy Checks which is fun to knit, and creates a lovely texture with hems in stockinette stitch that I decided to sew up at the end. Fortunately, my neighbor Karin Elise Placht offered to help me knit this set. Here it is beautifully worn by dancer Francesca Golfetto, stunningly styled by Line Sekkingstad and brilliantly photographed by Kim Müller. The Norwegian pattern will be printed in the separate magazine Strikkeboka by Familien in late August while the English pattern will be published in my Ravelry Store.

BQ5Q6314During our hunt for places to photograph in the shadow at Tjuvholmen, the outer tip of Aker Brygge/Wharf, we discovered this covered walkway next to the entrance of the Astrup Fearnley Museum.

BQ5Q6329We had a fun day as you can see! My husband, assisting Kim, was also instructing Francesca how to pose and to reveal more of her perfectly toned body while Line and I just marveled looking at her. Next in this Familiens Strikkebok Photoshoot series is the Shawl Sleeves and that concludes the designs to be published in this magazine.

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8 Responses to Familiens Strikkebok Photoshoot: Curvy Check Cowl and Wrist Warmers

  1. Tracy A. says:

    You do have such a knack for choosing perfects shades for you projects!

    • Oh, I am so happy you think so, Tracy! I am trying not only to use my favorites, but they do seem to pop up quite regularly because they are such a delight to work with!

  2. Ruth says:

    My goodness, Linda! You are such a powerhouse these days. I love this orange and the previous green set. The checks on the coat are perfect with your “curvy checks” stitch pattern, and I love the hemmed borders. Good work!

    • I am on a roll, and loved making this collection co-ordinating the colors a bit! Yes, I thought it could work as a light coat and the texture is also on the black boots even though you cannot see them in the photo! Sometimes it all comes together. Thank you!

  3. Aud says:

    Beautiful! I will have to buy that Familiens Strikkebok 🙂

  4. Janieb says:

    Delightful colour and pattern combination. Pure Marveng magic at work.

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